Fee Schedule

Last Updated on
October 5, 2023

Effective Date - 1/18/2023

HeadRace charges fees for some of the products and services it offers through the HeadRace platform while other services are free. The fees we charge are described below, and further information about them can be found by contacting us. HeadRace reserves the right to alter, update, change, discount, or revise our fee structure at any time, at our sole discretion.

Platform Access

Both Employers and Recruiter can access the HeadRace Platform with a HeadRace account.

Marketplace Fees

HeadRace is in the business of providing value to Recruiters and Employers. We believe that value should be charged only when it is provided. As such, if a Recruiter provides end-to-end search origination through execution, HeadRace charges no fee to the Recruiter. 

HeadRace Originated Leads

HeadRace provides value to Employers by allowing them access to a talented network of independent Recruiters. As such, the platform generates Listings from Employers. When a Listing is facilitated by HeadRace, that is, it is brought onto the platform as a result of the efforts of HeadRace, that Listing becomes a HeadRace Lead. When a Recruiter on the platform signs a Search Agreement for a HeadRace Lead, HeadRace charges the Recruiter a commission rate on the Search Agreement Fees as they are paid by the Employer as per the schedule below.

Cash Fees - The following fee is applied to each Recruiter’s total cash earnings and depends on the total earnings from each Employer. This applies to cash or any other form of cash-equivalent Fee consideration.

Pricing Tier HeadRace Fee Percentage Total Fees Paid to Recruiter Max HeadRace Fee in Tier
1 30% $0 - 100,000.00 $30,000
2 20% $100,000.01 - 200,000.00 $20,000
3 5% $200,000.01+ 5%

These fees are specific to each Recruiter’s earnings from each Employer. Even if a Recruiter has earned enough from one Employer to be eligible for a lower fee, the Recruiter will be charged 30% for a new Employer until their earnings from that new Employer reach the next threshold.

Equity and Other Consideration Fees - For any other non-cash Fee consideration, HeadRace charges a flat 30%. This applies to equity, bonds, options, RSUs, warrants, or any other form of non-cash Fee consideration.

Recruiter Fees

Recruiters may charge employers a number of different fees for contracted services including retainer fees, performance fees, and placement fees. These fees may be negotiated between the Recruiter and the Employer. 

Recruiter Originated Leads

If a Recruiter sources their own Lead for a Search Agreement and simply wishes to use the HeadRace platform for handling billing, collections, taxes, or other back-office services, there is no charge.

Hiring a Recruiter Internally

From time to time, an Employer on the HeadRace platform may wish to hire a Recruiter working on the platform. HeadRace charges a fee to the employer for the value provided by way of discovering the relationship. The cost to the Employer in this instance shall be $100,000 payable to HeadRace upon the Recruiter starting full time employment. Further, no contract between the Recruiter or the Employer (employment or otherwise) shall preclude the continued use of the HeadRace Platform by either the Recruiter or the Employer.