Why HeadRace Autopilot supercharges your hiring process...

HeadRace has made the hiring journey efficient and ideal because we understand your three main needs in the hiring journey.


With hundreds of millions of passive candidate profiles, HeadRace is able to compute the pathway to the candidates that best serve your needs


HeadRace Autopilot never sleeps, so it never misses an opportunity to connect with a candidate. It works hard, so you don't have to.


HeadRace Autopilot learns with time and input, so the system gets faster every day you use it.
“Before HeadRace, hiring took up 60% of our time and in this world, if you can't focus on product, you lose. HeadRace completely changed that... Kettle would not be what it is today without HeadRace.”
Andrew Engler
CEO & Co-founder, Kettle
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