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“Before HeadRace, hiring took up 60% of our time and in this world, if you can't focus on product, you lose. HeadRace completely changed that... Kettle would not be what it is today without HeadRace.”
Andrew Engler
CEO & Co-founder, Kettle
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“HeadRace providing back office services is a game changer... Their software provides contracts, terms, back office, payments that are all entirely set up from the start, free of cost. At the end of my first year, I made double what I did at my previous agency.”
Maxwell Lennon
Managing Partner, MHL Executive Search
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Before HeadRace, I was flying by the seat of my pants... Sure, I felt confident about my ability to find, attract, and land talent for start-ups, but when it came to contracts, terms, and payments, I really am thankful for HeadRace helping me through it all.
Scott Ford
Managing Partner, RISE
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