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Do I get to work directly with the recruiter?

Yes. HeadRace believes that the best recruiting relationships are strongly interpersonal and require direct and frequent communication. Therefore, HeadRace encourages direct communication between employers and recruiters.

What types of search agreements does HeadRace enable?

We have every type of Retainer, Contingent, and Container contract structure built in. You can structure whatever you want using HeadRace. No expensive lawyers needed.

What if my client forgets to pay?

HeadRace automatically sends reminders to clients before and after your payment deadlines to make sure you get paid on time.

When do I get paid?

You get paid the same day as HeadRace receives payment from your client. No more quarterly payouts like from Big Recruiting Co.

What if I don’t like my recruiter?

We understand that not all matches are perfect. If you don’t like your recruiter for any reason, we have many others to select from across a wide variety of quality and price ranges.

What about year-end taxes?

Don’t worry about having to sort through a bunch of forms from various clients. We handle everything and directly issue you one 1099 at the end of the year. Simple.

How does HeadRace get data on recruiter’s historical performance?

Track records are a crucial component in understanding a Recruiter’s ability to serve your needs well. By using  HeadRace to fulfill their back-office needs and to transact with Clients more easily, Recruiters create a verifiable record of their performance and their business.  This data allows Recruiters to market their offering more easily to Employers and also allows Employers to have more confidence in knowing a match fits their needs.

Do I have to remember to send invoices to clients?

HeadRace automatically handles invoice creation and sending to clients- all perfectly on time.

How are payments handled?

All payments are facilitated through the HeadRace platform and appropriately remitted to your recruiters of choice. 1099s only need to be issued to Headrace Technologies, Inc. We handle the tax forms for your recruiters.

How much does HeadRace charge?

If you originate the search agreement with one of your existing client relationships, then HeadRace charges you 0%. You keep 100%. If you accept a role sourced by the HeadRace team, then we charge between 5% and 30% of the fees paid.

Do Recruiters on HeadRace keep more of my fees paid to them?

Yes, a lot more. Recruiters at big recruiting companies typically only keep 20-50% of the fees paid to them. The rest goes to corporate overhead and equity partner profits. Independent Recruiters on the HeadRace platform keep 80-100% of fees.

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