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SCALE allows you to name your own price and instantly engage 10+ boutique recruiters in just a few clicks to hire top talent faster.

Name your own price

With the ability to set your own budget, the market works to get you the lowest possible pricing, so you never overpay.

When recruiters compete, you save.

The robust network of niche, independent professionals provides the best outcome for your search at the lowest price.

Diversity by Design

Geographically and professionally diverse, unaffiliated service providers are able to hire faster and better than any other model.

Solution Features

Recruiters in every specialty

Whether it's engineering, nursing, or sales...we've got you covered

Global Reach

From London to LA, we can help.

Most economical way to hire

Stop. Paying. Too. Much. To. Hire.

Dynamic response to real-time market factors

Your hiring needs are unique. HeadRace's network adapts to ensure you don't overpay.

Millions of Candidate Connections

Recruiters know the right people for your job. HeadRace knows all of the recruiters.

Curated, algorithmic recruiter matches

HeadRace uses data so you don't have to guess.

“Before HeadRace, hiring took up 60% of our time and in this world, if you can't focus on product, you lose. HeadRace completely changed that... Kettle would not be what it is today without HeadRace.”
Andrew Engler
CEO & Co-founder, Kettle
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Compare Hiring Solutions

Match the hiring solution with your need. One platform - multiple solutions.

Self-Service + HeadRace Strategist
Quickly build a pipeline of quality candidates for a low, fixed dollar commitment.
Name your own price
Pay only on hire
Low, fixed fee
Expand your internal referrals program to hundreds of boutique recruiters
Quality candidate flow at your own pace
Direct Search
One-to-one tailored search
Find and engage the niche, expert boutique recruiter you need
Premium access to the best boutique recruiters
Algorithmic matching
Placement Data Transparency
Flexible, custom contract terms
White-glove support


With any type of change, questions are expected. The list below is what we get asked consistently and please contact us with any other questions.

Do I get to work directly with the recruiter?

Yes. HeadRace believes that the best recruiting relationships are strongly interpersonal and require direct and frequent communication. Therefore, HeadRace encourages direct communication between employers and recruiters.

What if I don’t like my recruiter?

We understand that not all matches are perfect. If you don’t like your recruiter for any reason, we have many others to select from across a wide variety of quality and price ranges.

How does HeadRace get data on recruiter’s historical performance?

Track records are a crucial component in understanding a Recruiter’s ability to serve your needs well. By using  HeadRace to fulfill their back-office needs and to transact with Clients more easily, Recruiters create a verifiable record of their performance and their business.  This data allows Recruiters to market their offering more easily to Employers and also allows Employers to have more confidence in knowing a match fits their needs.

How are payments handled?

All payments are facilitated through the HeadRace platform and appropriately remitted to your recruiters of choice. 1099s only need to be issued to Headrace Technologies, Inc. We handle the tax forms for your recruiters.

Do Recruiters on HeadRace keep more of my fees paid to them?

Yes, a lot more. Recruiters at big recruiting companies typically only keep 20-50% of the fees paid to them. The rest goes to corporate overhead and equity partner profits. Independent Recruiters on the HeadRace platform keep 80-100% of fees.

Save your time and money
hiring with HeadRace.

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