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The human cost in hiring and then laying-off internal talent teams

Recruiters often suffer the impact of layoffs more than any other employee.
Blake Egan
March 27, 2023
3 min
The human cost in hiring and then laying-off internal talent teams

Both Human & Financial Costs

The hiring and firing of internal talent teams can have a significant human cost that should not be overlooked. While companies may focus on the financial costs and benefits of these decisions, it's important to remember that real people are involved.


When a company decides to hire an internal talent team, they are bringing in individuals who are often passionate about recruitment and dedicated to finding the best candidates for the company. These team members invest their time and energy into building relationships with hiring managers, creating recruitment strategies, and sourcing top talent. 


If the company decides to fire the team, it can be a devastating blow to these individuals and their careers. On the flip side, when a company decides to terminate an internal talent team, they may be doing so because of financial constraints or a change in business strategy. 

However, this decision can also have a ripple effect on the company culture and morale. The remaining employees may feel a sense of loss or distrust towards the company, and it can be challenging to rebuild trust and maintain a positive workplace culture.

Think about the people

Companies should not overlook the human cost of hiring and firing internal talent teams. While financial considerations are important, companies must also consider the impact on the individuals involved and the broader company culture. Taking the time to communicate openly and empathetically with the internal talent team can help minimize the negative effects of these decisions.

Blake Egan