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Contingent Recruiting the Smart Way

Here at HeadRace, we’ve dealt with thousands of professional recruiters. This has made us experts on the various business models that boutique, specialized, and independent recruiters use to help their customers. We want to share with you some insights on one of those strategies: contingent recruitment.
Kevin Brinig
October 6, 2023
3 min
Contingent Recruiting the Smart Way

What is Contingent Recruiting?

Contingent recruiting is a payment model for hiring services from recruiters who are not part of your organization. A contingent model transfers payment only when successfully placing a candidate in a position.

Why should you use a contingent recruiter or an independent recruiter platform?

For a business, the real reason to engage contingent recruiters is that they are better and faster at recruiting than you. That’s not to say they know your business better than you or that you’re not a talented founder or hiring manager. It simply means they have systems in place and access to networks that you don’t have. Delegating this work allows you to focus on the tasks that only you can do. This is not a challenge to your abilities, it’s just rational to utilize professional help when you have competing priorities. You don’t paint your own house do you? 

What are the other benefits of contingent recruitment with HeadRace?  

  • Flexibility: Working with multiple independent recruiters or boutique recruiting companies through HeadRace's independent recruiting platform allows companies to connect with hundreds of independent recruiters simultaneously.
  • Access: The ability to explore candidate profiles without incurring any expenses, enabling you to refine your search based on your specific preferences.
  • Efficiency: Increase the efficiency of your recruiting efforts by utilizing powerful software tools such as AI sourcing tools, LinkedIn Recruiter, and candidate management systems, among others.
  • Marketing: Access well-established marketing channels for your job openings with minimal setup costs.
  • Network Effects: Tap into existing networks within niche, specialized recruiting domains to leverage your recruitment strategy.

What’s the downside of using contingent recruiting?

  • Communication Overhead: Contingent recruiting can lead to increased communication overhead, as you may need to manage multiple recruiters or agencies, resulting in potential miscommunication and coordination challenges.
  • Cost: Contingent recruiting often involves higher fees or commissions paid to recruiters, which can increase the overall cost of hiring compared to in-house or other recruiting methods.
  • Time Investment: The process of engaging with multiple contingent recruiters and evaluating multiple candidates can be time-consuming, potentially delaying the hiring process and impacting time-to-fill positions.

What if my organization already has internal recruiters?

The answer to this question involves two key considerations: 

  1. Specialization in Specific Areas: Just because you just bought a shiny new car, doesn’t mean that you should drive it to England – obviously, you’d use an airplane for that task. The same thing goes for specialization in recruiting.  Your internal recruiters may excel in certain areas while potentially lacking expertise in others. Specialization is key.
  1. Efficiency: Just like choosing the right mode of transportation for your journey, recruiting should be tailored to the unique demands of each situation. Is contingent recruiting on HeadRace a faster and more cost-effective solution for filling a role in your company than relying solely on your internal team?

Incorporating specialized expertise and optimizing efficiency are essential principles to consider when determining the best approach to recruitment.

Recruitment functions similarly to our previous analogy. It's all about aligning the method with the specific requirement. Consider this: what if leveraging contingent recruiting through HeadRace could fill your company's role more swiftly and economically than your internal team?

If you have any questions or would like to try HeadRace for free, connect with us today.

Kevin Brinig