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“10 Tips for Success” When Working with an External Recruiter

Some are obvious. But some will surprise you.
Jess Backlund
March 27, 2023
3 min
“10 Tips for Success” When Working with an External Recruiter

10 Tips for Recruiting Success

  1. Clearly define job requirements - Establish a comprehensive list of qualifications and responsibilities to ensure the recruiter understands exactly what the ideal candidate should possess.
  2. Be responsive and available to the recruiter - Promptly address their inquiries and communications, fostering a more efficient and effective recruitment partnership.
  3. Provide feedback on presented candidates - Share your thoughts on each candidate's strengths and weaknesses to help the recruiter refine their search criteria.
  4. Set realistic expectations and timelines - Understand that finding the right candidate may take time and work with the recruiter to establish feasible goals for the hiring process.
  5. Build a strong partnership with the recruiter - Develop a mutually beneficial relationship by actively engaging with the recruiter and valuing their input.
  6. Communicate clearly and regularly - Maintain open lines of communication to ensure both parties remain informed and aligned throughout the recruitment process.
  7. Trust the recruiter's expertise - Recognize the recruiter's professional knowledge and experience, allowing them to guide the search for the best candidate.
  8. Be open to their suggestions and feedback - Embrace the recruiter's insights and recommendations to improve the overall hiring process and candidate selection.
  9. Consider a referral bonus to incentivize the recruiter - Offer financial rewards for successful placements, motivating the recruiter to work harder in finding the ideal candidate.
  10. Treat the recruiter like a partner, not a vendor - View the recruiter as an essential collaborator in the hiring process, fostering a more effective and successful partnership.

Working with an external recruiter can be a great way to find top talent for your business. By following these tips, you can ensure a successful partnership to find the best candidates out there.

Jess Backlund