HeadRace for Recruiters

Expand your business & grow your Revenue

There's no cost for recruiters to join and get access to niche opportunities outside your current pipeline

Why are you only taking home a tiny fraction of your hard-earned fees?

There's no reason you should be losing 50-80% of your hard-earned billings to pay for 'overhead' in a big recruiting agency. Accounting, legal/contracts, payment processing, invoicing, collections, and admin are all automatable. HeadRace gives you all of this for free, thereby increasing your take-home by 2-3x through cost savings alone.

Take home a lot more money

Pay nothing for crucial back-office functions like contracts and payments.

Save time and hassle

Speak directly with each recruiter to find the right one for you.

Get more searches

The more you use HeadRace, the more we market your placement record to new employers- thereby bringing you more business.
“HeadRace providing back office services is a game changer... Their software provides contracts, terms, back office, payments that are all entirely set up from the start, free of cost. At the end of my first year, I made double what I did at my previous agency.”
Maxwell Lennon
Managing Partner, MHL Executive Search
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Before HeadRace, I was flying by the seat of my pants... Sure, I felt confident about my ability to find, attract, and land talent for start-ups, but when it came to contracts, terms, and payments, I really am thankful for HeadRace helping me through it all.
Scott Ford
Managing Partner, RISE
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Unique tools to accelerate your career as an independent recruiter.

Streamlined Contract Creation

Easily set up Retainer, Contingent and Container contracts and sign them with your clients.

Automatic Invoicing

Never worry about remembering to send invoices or sending payment reminders.

Secure Payment Processing

Secure and streamlined. Get paid when your client pays you, not at quarterly payouts.

New Search Opportunities

Employers want to leverage data to find the best recruiters. With HeadRace, they find you.

Workflow Optimization

From first contact with your client to placing a candidate, track and measure end-to-end.

Easy Year-End Taxes

Don’t worry about tracking all your client’s tax forms down. We give you one simple 1099.

You matter more than your Big Recruiting Co...

HeadRace’s recruiter/company marketplace brings together the world’s best recruiters and the most innovative companies to deliver outstanding talent outcomes.

Virtually every type of recruiting contract - just clicks away.

Signing and managing search agreements - already built in

Automatic invoicing and processing of fees - all for free.

Working on HeadRace creates a verifiable placement track record. We use this to help the best Employers find you and bring you more business.

The leading network of quality recruiters

You're already recruiting... why aren't you on HeadRace?

Increase your brand

Increase your brand and get leads with no additional costs or commitments.


Cherrypicked opportunities delivered based on your expertise.

Increased Pipeline

Easily monetize all of those extra candidates in your pipeline.

Just Starting?

Just starting out? Use all our tools with your own clients with zero fees.

Answers to our most common questions

With any type of change, questions are expected. The list below is what we get asked consistently and please contact us with any other questions.

What types of search agreements does HeadRace enable?

We have every type of Retainer, Contingent, and Container contract structure built in. You can structure whatever you want using HeadRace. No expensive lawyers needed.

What if my client forgets to pay?

HeadRace automatically sends reminders to clients before and after your payment deadlines to make sure you get paid on time.

When do I get paid?

You get paid the same day as HeadRace receives payment from your client. No more quarterly payouts like from Big Recruiting Co.

What about year-end taxes?

Don’t worry about having to sort through a bunch of forms from various clients. We handle everything and directly issue you one 1099 at the end of the year. Simple.

Do I have to remember to send invoices to clients?

HeadRace automatically handles invoice creation and sending to clients- all perfectly on time.

How much does HeadRace charge?

If you originate the search agreement with one of your existing client relationships, then HeadRace charges you 0%. You keep 100%. If you accept a role sourced by the HeadRace team, then we charge between 5% and 30% of the fees paid.

Start working for yourself. Earn 100% of your billings.

There's no reason you should be losing 50-80% of your hard-earned billings to pay for 'overhead' in a big recruiting agency.