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Why top employers trust HeadRace with their hiring.

HeadRace has made the hiring journey efficient and ideal because we understand your three main needs in the hiring journey.


The worlds best boutique recruiters compete for your business. Never again talk to a couple agencies and "pick and pray." HeadRace can fill all your roles with our product suite at the lowest possible cost.


With thousands of placements at hundreds of companies, we show you recruiter's history of making exceptional placements with data.


Competitive dynamics drive the velocity of qualified, interested candidates. This isn't your grandfather's recruiting agency.
“Before HeadRace, hiring took up 60% of our time and in this world, if you can't focus on product, you lose. HeadRace completely changed that... Kettle would not be what it is today without HeadRace.”
Andrew Engler
CEO & Co-founder, Kettle
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Save Time & Money with Network Efficiencies

Get qualified, interested candidates from the world's top network of boutique recruiters at the best price. Period.

HeadRace's expansive network of the top vetted recruiters work your role to find the best candidates.

No applicant spam. Our network delivers qualified, interested candidates.

Save time & money when multiple recruiters submit candidates at the best price.

When recruiters compete, you win.

Enjoy the right solutions for your hiring needs.

Pick the hiring solution that fits your need:


Post a role, name your price, and get multiple recruiters competing for you.

SCALE allows you to rapidly scale external recruiting efforts and increase candidate flow by engaging 10+ recruiters in just a few clicks.


You post it to the network, name the price, and see what happens.

Budget-friendly, opportunistic hiring.

Direct Search

You choose between Executive Search or Contingent Search.

Premium, one-to-one partnership with the best boutique recruiters.

What happens when you work with the best independent recruiters?

Billed fees lost to overhead:
pie chart - 35%
at Big Recruiting Co.
pie chart - 100%
using HeadRace

Answers to our most common questions

With any type of change, questions are expected. The list below is what we get asked consistently and please contact us with any other questions.

Do I get to work directly with the recruiter?

Yes. HeadRace believes that the best recruiting relationships are strongly interpersonal and require direct and frequent communication. Therefore, HeadRace encourages direct communication between employers and recruiters.

What if I don’t like my recruiter?

We understand that not all matches are perfect. If you don’t like your recruiter for any reason, we have many others to select from across a wide variety of quality and price ranges.

How does HeadRace get data on recruiter’s historical performance?

Track records are a crucial component in understanding a Recruiter’s ability to serve your needs well. By using  HeadRace to fulfill their back-office needs and to transact with Clients more easily, Recruiters create a verifiable record of their performance and their business.  This data allows Recruiters to market their offering more easily to Employers and also allows Employers to have more confidence in knowing a match fits their needs.

How are payments handled?

All payments are facilitated through the HeadRace platform and appropriately remitted to your recruiters of choice. 1099s only need to be issued to Headrace Technologies, Inc. We handle the tax forms for your recruiters.

Do Recruiters on HeadRace keep more of my fees paid to them?

Yes, a lot more. Recruiters at big recruiting companies typically only keep 20-50% of the fees paid to them. The rest goes to corporate overhead and equity partner profits. Independent Recruiters on the HeadRace platform keep 80-100% of fees.

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Get qualified and interested candidates in your inbox. You won't find a better price anywhere for the quality. Period.