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Introducing Referrals

Introducing Referrals

Alex Davis

We’re excited to announce the public release of HeadRace Referrals! 

Referrals is a new way to structure your search, allowing you to quickly build a pipeline of quality candidates for a low, fixed dollar commitment. Think about HeadRace Referrals as an extension of an internal referral program: just as companies offer employee referral rewards ($5k-$15k) for referring great candidates, HeadRace now allows companies to enjoy the benefits of a referrals program leveraging HeadRace’s curated network of expert recruiters.

How it works

A new Referrals role can be set up in minutes and before you know it, you’ll be receiving candidates from the broad network of expert recruiters using HeadRace.

  1. Publish a role on HeadRace and set a fixed $ reward amount
  2. Review candidates referred by the network
  3. Schedule a conversation with candidates you select

How we ensure a high quality experience

HeadRace Referrals focuses on finding qualified and interested candidates. There are number of safeguards in place to ensure a high-quality employer experience:

  1. Network is based on experienced expert recruiters with a verified placement history
  2. Explicit role requirements prevent submissions that do not match your needs
  3. Candidate interest verification flow means you’re only talking with candidates who are excited about your company
  4. HeadRace final review on all candidates before they reach your inbox

When is Referrals right for me

In general, HeadRace Referrals is a tool that can be used standalone but also alongside other HeadRace search products (Direct, SCALE). Referrals is an especially good fit if you value the following:

  • Fast and reliable: You need more top-of-funnel candidate flow quickly and easily.
  • Cost-effective: You are cost-conscious and want to only pay for a successful hire. 
  • Network-driven: You want to leverage the power of many individual networks at once.
  • Low-touch: You would prefer to run the entire interview process yourself.

Learn more about HeadRace Referrals

If you’d like to get started with Referrals today, reach out to us at grow@headrace.com

If you’d like some light reading in the meantime, check out our new Employer FAQ and our shareable Referrals 1-pager.

Alex Davis

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