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Introducing Recruiter Collabs

Introducing Recruiter Collabs

Alex Davis

We’re excited to announce the public release of HeadRace Recruiter Collabs! 

Collabs (formerly referred to as Splits), is the first ever product designed to support collaboration between two independent recruiters. Collabs provides recruiters with the ability to: formalize split fee arrangements, track candidate “ownership”, and automate invoicing and collections.

Recruiter-first design

Collabs is built on top of the HeadRace software platform, so it’s designed with a recruiter-first approach and simple-to-follow workflows. Recruiters can leverage Collabs to work alongside other recruiters already in their network or identify and collaborate with new recruiters in the HeadRace ecosystem.

Why we built Collabs

After having 25+ conversations with recruiters on HeadRace, our team identified a gap in the existing recruiter toolkit: there was no good way for recruiters to reliably work together on any given search. We heard countless stories of challenges tracking candidate ownership and the pain of 1099’ing each other, potentially overstating earnings and resulting in messy tax returns. 

So we went to work and built a solution that makes it so recruiters no longer need to think twice about splitting searches with one another – everything is handled easily and securely with HeadRace Collabs.

Learn more about Collabs

If you’d like to learn more about Collabs, feel free to review the following resources:

Alex Davis

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