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How HeadRace Works

How HeadRace Works

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Alex Davis
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HeadRace’s recruiter/company marketplace brings together the world’s best recruiters and the most innovative companies to deliver outstanding talent outcomes.

For Recruiters

HeadRace provides its recruiters with unique tools to accelerate their careers as independent recruiters. Recruiters are able to build their own brand, 100% recruiter-owned, while simultaneously accessing HeadRace’s out-of-the-box back office services that streamline search agreement contract creation, tracking, data-driven insights, payment processing, collections, and more.

For recruiters, there are two primary means of using the HeadRace platform:
  1. Lead Generation: win actives searches with new companies you haven’t worked with
  2. Business-in-a-Box: manage active and new searches with your existing clients 

Lead Generation

Through HeadRace, recruiters have access to a deep network of the world’s most innovative companies with high priority and high intent roles. These companies can discover recruiters based on recruiter profiles, which include information on previous placements, fee structure and terms, and recruiter subject matter expertise. When a recruiter is invited by a company to bid on an active role, the recruiter will be connected with the company and the relevant hiring manager, while also putting together proposed terms of engagement. If the terms are mutually agreeable to both recruiter and company, then the search agreement will be signed on HeadRace and the search will begin. By facilitating the matching process, HeadRace takes a small percentage of the fees paid to the recruiter – however, the recruiter still earns 2x-3x what they would have earned in the traditional agency model.


For recruiters who already have established relationships and active searches with companies, these recruiters can invite their clients to join HeadRace at no cost to the recruiter or client. Once the invite has been accepted by a client, the recruiter and client can seamlessly work together on HeadRace allowing the recruiter to leverage the automated back office services of HeadRace at no cost to them. Contract signing and process management can be conducted fully within HeadRace’s platform to allow for a centralized view of all work going on between a recruiter and a company. Because the relationship between the recruiter and the company was pre-existing and the recruiter invited the company to join HeadRace, the recruiter pays no commission to HeadRace for any searches with this company – ever.

If you are a recruiter or agency interested in learning more, please email us at recruit@headrace.com.

For Employers

HeadRace is the go-to destination for employers seeking to connect with the world’s best recruiters, helping these companies source and hire the best talent. A company can join HeadRace and begin interacting with recruiters in minutes, and at no cost to the company. 

Once logged into HeadRace, companies can directly connect their ATS or choose to post roles manually. Once a role is posted, the company has the option to activate a role, and invite recruiters to propose terms on what a potential search might look like. Companies have the ability to search for recruiters based on a variety of recruiter attributes (e.g. years of experience, focus areas, # of placements in LTM, etc.). Recruiters and employers are able to negotiate and iterate on the terms of the search agreement from within HeadRace, and once the engagement is finalized and the search agreement is signed, the search will commence. 

Recruiters will submit candidates through the HeadRace platform and any feedback tracked in the company’s ATS will be reflected in HeadRace. Candidates can be accepted/rejected from within HeadRace, and when invoicing and collections become applicable, HeadRace will invoice the company directly. HeadRace integrates directly with Stripe but if a company prefers to work with its Accounts Payable department, HeadRace can support this too. 


If you are affiliated with a company that is seeking to hire great talent, please email us at grow@headrace.com

Alex Davis

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