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Adam Blumenthal
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Hitting goals requires creating better hiring systems 

Great companies all have one thing in common, great people. Peter Thiel, David Sacks, Reid Hoffman, Elon Musk all came from PayPal. The PayPal Mafia is the world's greatest example of best-in-class talent allocation. In James Clear’s Atomic Habits, he famously states “You don’t rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems.” To be a great company you need great people. If hiring great people is the goal, a great recruiting and talent management process is the system.

Reid Hoffman recently appeared on the Knowledge Project to discuss “Better Decisions, Fewer Mistakes.” In this episode, Hoffman aptly calls out “Probably the most common mistake is -- what is the right cadence of hiring...and recognizing the fact that you need to be hiring and adjusting constantly.” 

Oftentimes, when you’re moving quickly and scaling your company, you’re going to need to hire in external people into senior roles to make it all come together. That can be pretty uncomfortable, and includes making the decision of what “level of scale” you need for that hire? What experience do they need to be bringing in? How do I internally manage the person who used to be my Head of Product or my Head of Engineering? Now, I hope he/she’s still working here, and he/she’s still motivated, even though they may no longer have their title. It's all very complicated...so how do you manage?

Not all founders have the benefit of a robust network of colleagues, active board members, or VC talent services at their disposal. HeadRace exists to support founders no matter their circumstances. If hiring great talent is your goal, HeadRace is the system you should use to achieve it. 

Here’s a few ways HeadRace can help you and your team: 

  1. Determining the right time to bring on sales talent.
    Am I ready for a seller? Am I ready for a sales team? How long should it take to figure out if our sales motion is working? How do I manage a sales person?
  2. Scoping technical requirement and experience for Product + Engineering leadership.
    What engineering experience or product experience is relevant for my company at this stage? How do I up-skill my existing team? How do I know when I need to bring in another leader?
  3. Data Science is all the rage. But what is it really and when do I need to invest in it?
    Where do I find a data scientist? What do they actually do? When do I need one?
  4. Role compensation.
    How much should I expect to pay for this role? Cash? Equity? 
  5. Calibration + role scoping.
    Why can’t I find anyone for this role? How should I approach balancing requirements and experience? How does location (remote vs. in-person vs. hybrid) impact the attractiveness of my company?
  6. Recruiting fees.
    How much does external recruiting cost? What is an appropriate fee amount and structure? What is the difference between contingent and retained searches? What can a recruiter provide that I can't already do on my own?

These are just a few ways we can help. We would love to be your one-stop shop for all things hiring. Need help with (x)? Contact us

Adam Blumenthal

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