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Why top employers trust HeadRace with their hiring.

HeadRace has made the hiring journey efficient and ideal because we understand your three main needs in the hiring journey.


The worlds best boutique recruiters compete for your business. Never again talk to a couple agencies and "pick and pray." HeadRace can fill all your roles with our product suite at the lowest possible cost.


With thousands of placements at hundreds of companies, we show you recruiter's history of making exceptional placements with data.


Competitive dynamics drive the velocity of qualified, interested candidates. This isn't your grandfather's recruiting agency.
“Before HeadRace, hiring took up 60% of our time and in this world, if you can't focus on product, you lose. HeadRace completely changed that... Kettle would not be what it is today without HeadRace.”
Andrew Engler
CEO & Co-founder, Kettle
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“HeadRace providing back office services is a game changer... Their software provides contracts, terms, back office, payments that are all entirely set up from the start, free of cost. At the end of my first year, I made double what I did at my previous agency.”
Maxwell Lennon
Managing Partner, MHL Executive Search
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Before HeadRace, I was flying by the seat of my pants... Sure, I felt confident about my ability to find, attract, and land talent for start-ups, but when it came to contracts, terms, and payments, I really am thankful for HeadRace helping me through it all.
Scott Ford
Managing Partner, RISE
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Save Time & Money with Network Efficiencies

Get qualified, interested candidates from the world's top network of boutique recruiters at the best price. Period.

HeadRace's expansive network of the top vetted recruiters work your role to find the best candidates.

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HeadRace platform showing candidate elements.

No applicant spam. Our network delivers qualified, interested candidates.

Save time & money when multiple recruiters submit candidates at the best price.

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When recruiters compete, you win.

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Match the hiring solution with your need. One platform - multiple solutions.

Self-Service + HeadRace Strategist
Quickly build a pipeline of quality candidates for a low, fixed dollar commitment.
Name your own price
Pay only on hire
Low, fixed fee
Expand your internal referrals program to hundreds of boutique recruiters
Quality candidate flow at your own pace
Direct Search
One-to-one tailored search
Find and engage the niche, expert boutique recruiter you need
Premium access to the best boutique recruiters
Algorithmic matching
Placement Data Transparency
Flexible, custom contract terms
White-glove support

The leading network of quality recruiters

We’re matching the world’s most exciting companies with the world’s most talented recruiters. That’s a recipe for success.

Expert Recruiters
Verified Placements
Faster Receiving Candidates
Potential savings per hire

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